Shinbundang Line Opens (신분당선)

The Shinbundang Line (New Bundang Line) opens today at 3pm and will run for free all day until the last train tonight.

Transfers and integrated ticket discounts will not be available until tomorrow(October 29), which is when the line officially opens for full service.

Image: Naver Maps

The line is more expensive than other subway lines with a standard price of 1,600 plus a 100won surcharge for each 5km after the first 10km. The reason for the high price is due to the line being built by a private enterprise.

The line is fully automated and the window at the front of the subway car is sure to be a popular spot. You can read about the line and where it can take you here.

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4 Responses to Shinbundang Line Opens (신분당선)

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  3. kushibo says:

    While I’m glad this line is being built, I’m not entirely happy with the different pricing. One thing I’ve long disliked about Tokyo’s system is that if you rode a public and private line, or two private lines, it was as if you had to pay twice (not so if you rode two public lines). So far Seoul has avoided that, and I hope it stays that way.

    • Andy Tebay says:

      Yeah, it seems to come as quite a shock to some people as it is a new concept for many. I suspect future privately owned lines will use this as a precedent and try to do the same. Similar issues regarding the fares on Line 9 also caused delays in opening, luckily they worked it out but I wouldn’t be surprised if Metro9 tries to up its fares once the future extensions are open.

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