Gongdeok Station opens to Airport Railroad

From 11am today, the Incheon Airport Railroad will stop at Gongdeok Station. This completes Incheon’s first dedicated airport railroad in its entirety and it is estimated that the number of passengers using the station daily will grow by 10,000. The station is also added to the constantly growing list of stations with three intersecting lines, which will grow to four at the end of 2012 when the Gyeongeui Line (경의선) is connected through its new route. Read more about Gondeok Station here.

Gongdeok Station

Apologies for the rough photo.

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Originally from New Zealand, Andy moved to Korea in 2007 and very quickly became interested in the many different public transport and urban development projects around Korea. He currently lives in Sejong city and is particularly interested in rail projects, transport hubs and technology.


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    • Thanks a lot for your kind comments! Unfortunately I don’t have enough time to upload as much stuff as I would like to but I do what I can. Your blog makes people laugh, (in the way it’s supposed to) and that’s just as important!

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  • Kowiana, check the title ‘Gondeok’? ‘Gongdeok’! ^^

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