New Two-Storey Trains to begin operating to Chuncheon

Update: The ITX Cheongchun is now operating and a great assortment of photos from inside the new carriages can be viewed at Ian Han’s blog here. Also, some have been searching for the ITX timetable. You can check the departure times when you book online or download the timetable (Korean) here.

From Tuesday (2/28) next week, the new two-storey ITX trains will begin operating from Yongsan to Chuncheon. Tickets can be booked from tomorrow online (2/24), at stations or through Korail’s GLORY app.

Until now, standard subway vehicles have only traveled between Chuncheon and Sangbong but with the new trains using the Seoul section of the Jungang Line to make their way to Yongsan, it will make access to Chuncheon even easier. The trains will only operate as express trains stopping at Yongsan (용산), Cheongnyangni (청량리), Pyeongnae hopyeong (평내호평), Gapyeong (가평), Namchuncheon (남춘천) and Chuncheon (춘천) stations.

The new trains will travel up to 180km/h and only two of the carriages are two storied. Bathroom facilities are available on board and each train will have two cabin attendants. The top floor of these carriages are sure to be a hit and it can assumed that getting a ticket there will not be easy.  Nevertheless, the added height of the carriages should provide much better views of the mountains and the Bukhan River (북한강) along the line, though one cannot help but miss the fantastic views that the old Mugunghwa trip provided. The new trains are the first two-level trains in Korea and you can view pictures of them at Ian Han’s blog.

Tickets for the ITX are 6,900won to/from Yongsan and 6,000won to/from Cheongnyangni. Korail plans to implement a free choice of seats at peak times on the first floor of cars 4-5 and car 6. Though the trains will no doubt improve commuting time and convenience for many, it will be interesting to see what commuters think of the high fares. On the opening day there will no doubt be some interviews on the news showing passengers surprised and unimpressed at the higher price.

ITX Cheongchun


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  • If Korea has a Continental-Europe-sized loading gauge,
    and has already done business with Bombardier Transportation (Clas 8100, Class 8200),
    why not buy a few of these:

    They’re spacious and comfy, and already well received in Denmark and Israel…

    Matthias Moehring 6 years ago Reply

    • They look great! I think that Korea is very focused on creating its own vehicles and technology though(just like the maglev). Also, I believe Korail is probably being cautious in trying out the two story carriages for the first time (only two per train). It will be interesting to see whether more are added in the future. If you’re interested in the specs, here is a Google translation of the Korean Wiki page.

      Andy Tebay 6 years ago Reply

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    New ITX Train in Namyangju! « justwhatgrows 6 years ago Reply

  • Hi! I would like to know more about the travel routes to Wonju from Incheon International Airport. I presently make this journey annually and find it a real PITA with two rail connections and three trains (AREX to Seoul Station-› Seoul Subway Line 1 -› Cheongnyangni Station to Wonju). And yes I really dislike the uncomfortable bus ride that much to go through this inconvenience, haha! I hate the jams, especially on Friday evenings heading in the direction of Kangwon-do.

    I understand that the Honam KTX is planned for extension to Incheon Airport from Yongsan Station. Would a connection exist for the Seoul Metropolitan Subway (ITX?) to Wonju on the Jungang Line from 2012?

    Frederic Heng Peng Hock 6 years ago Reply

    • Hi Frederic. Thanks for your comment. :)

      The Joongang line will be extended to Seowonju (West Wonju) this coming October, all going according to plan. I have been planning to post about this but haven’t had the time. The ITX runs on the Chuncheon line and I imagine it will be tested for extensively there before they move it to other lines. (I’m also not sure about tunnel heights either.) There are definitely plans to have KTXs move into the airport but I will post about this later.

      Andy Tebay 6 years ago Reply

  • on google maps, it looked like most of the trip outside of seoul was all underground. is this correct? i wanted to take a trip to chuncheon for sightseeing from the train, but if most of the ride is underground, it wouldn’t be worth the 6900 won and hour and twenty minutes. ;) can anyone confirm? thanks!!

    johnny random 6 years ago Reply

    • Johnny, I believe this picture might help you.

      Whether you take the subway or the ITX it is the same route. Most of the old train route has been sadly removed. While a lot of the trip is still outside, it doesn’t follow the river like it used to. Nevertheless, travelling through the mountains is fairly pleasant I found. It really is a shame about the old line.

      Andy Tebay 6 years ago Reply

  • Sorry for the trouble of asking again, but I would be travelling to Korea on the 24th of April. This trip was kind of last minute, but I was wondering if there has been any change since March about the status of the Jungang line?

    If not I guess I’d have to stick with the current system of two rail connections and three trains (AREX: Incheon Airport to Seoul Station -› Seoul Subway Line 1: Seoul Station to Cheongnyangni Station -› Mugunghwa InterCity: Cheongnyangni Station to Wonju Station). Might there be any other method by rail to Wonju that has been launched so far?

    I heard the Jungang metro line is to be merged with the Gyeongui line to form a mega-long metro line, going from the border town up north to Wonju. When would this be ready? Had this been up already I could do AREX from Incheon Airport Station to Gongdeok, and transfer to this new line all the way to Wonju…

    Either that or had the KTX extension to Incheon Airport from Yongsan Station been up, I could use that till Yongsan and connect to the Jungang metro to Wonju…

    왕정유 | Frederic Heng (@frederic_heng) 6 years ago Reply

    • Hi there. Thanks for taking an interest in my blog. Apologies for the late reply as I have been extremely busy.

      The connection to Wonju will not be completed until around September this year(tentative), but even then, the Metro section will only extend to the current terminus in Wonju. I will blog later about how this will be organized after doing some research.

      As for the connection to Yongsan, this is not expected to be completed until 2014. :( I believe (and hope) the two lines will be connected. Sorry I can’t offer better news but it looks like you will most likely have to take your original route. Have a good trip!

      Andy Tebay 6 years ago Reply

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  • Hi, I’m going to Seoul this June.
    I’m planning to go Nami Island and Petite France.
    Which station should I board the ITX train (I’m staying in Myeongdong) and where should I depart? I planned to go Nami island, then go petite france. Is it advisable?
    I heard that there’s a shuttle bus linking both locations.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Gwyneth 5 years ago Reply

    • Hey!

      If you are going to stay in Myeongdong, it’s the best to go to Yongsan Station (subway line no. 1) to take the ITX Chuncheon. It takes 39 min (express train) or 55 min (normal train). You depart at Gapyeong Station and from there, it’s around 2 km to the island.
      Yes, there seems to be a shuttle bus between the locations. It costs 5000 KRW per person and the bus leaves at 9:15, 10:15 and so on every hour at 15 until 18:15 pm.

      Nikola 5 years ago Reply

      • Hey, thanks for the information. :) I didn’t know that there are two types of trains…
        Is there a difference in the fare price or frequency? I saw it was 6900 won from Yongsan to Chuncheon, Is this fare for express or normal? Is the fare same for all stops?
        Because now I know that I should be stopping at Gapyeong.
        Hope to hear from you soon.

        Gwyneth 5 years ago Reply

        • Oh sorry, I just checked again. There is only one type of train. There have been some confusing information. The faire to Chuncheon is 6900, to Gapyeong it’s 4800 KRW.

          Nikola 5 years ago Reply

          • Thank you for sharing. It’s my first time in going outskirts of Seoul even though it’s my third trip.

            Gwyneth 5 years ago

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  • Where can i find the ITX train schedule from Sangbong to Chuncheon during rush hours? What is the price per adult ticket? I am going from Jamsil station.

    Alvin 4 years ago Reply

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