New Multi-level Transfer Centre at Gaehwa Station

A new multi-level transfer centre is to be opened at Gaehwa Station (개화역) the first station on Line 9 later this month.

Construction on the centre began in early 2010 and has been designed to make transferring between multiple modes of transport easy for commuters who live North of Seoul. The five-storey complex will cater to buses, taxis and a “kiss and ride” area for those dropping loved ones off to the station. A parking facility will also be available for commuters to drop their cars off and take the subway into Seoul. One unfortunate factor is that Line 9’s express trains do not depart from Gaehwa and but from Gimpo Airport Station, one station earlier. If this doesn’t change after the terminal opens it means that passengers wanting to use the express will have to go through an extra transfer at Gimpo Airport.

Gaehwa Station

Image: Seoul City

Seoul has been opening up similar facilities at various stations on the outskirts of Seoul. Last December another transfer centre was opened in Cheonwang on the western edge of Seoul and more terminals are planned to open at Dobong and Gupabal stations. More info to come once the centre is open.

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