Line Extensions: Daegu’s Line 2 Extension Opens in September

Source: Daegu City

Daegu’s Line 2 will be gaining three new stations on its eastern end, set to open on September 19. The three new stations on the line that will follow current terminus of Saweol Station (사월역) are, Jeongpyeong(정평), Imdang(임당) and Yeongnam University(영남대). Construction on the 3.35km extension began in 2007 and will provide a better connection between Daegu and the neighboring region of Gyeongsan.

A light rail line had originally been proposed for the area, but an extension of Line 2 was later chosen in order to reduce the number of transfers for commuters. While the number of transfers may have been reduced, due to costs the line could only be extended by three stations.

Opening of the extension is expected to benefit many university students and also comes less than a month before The 93rd National Sports Festival which opens on October 11, with numerous events to be held in the Gyeongsan area.

Services to the stations will begin operating from 5pm September 19.

For anyone interested in more technical details, structural plans or photos check out Daewoo Engineering & Construction’s website for the extension.

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