Suggestion for Sejong-ro’s Car-Free Day

After I saw that it’s possible to propose events for the car-free day at Sejong-ro, I thought about an idea. I tried to make a suggestion which has nothing to do with a market or events which you could experience in other famous places of Seoul. So here’s my personal suggestion for Sejong-ro.


For the Health of Seoul’s Citizens

“A small soccer-field, a basketball court, badminton and even beach-volleyball could be offered easily to everyone. On the 550m of Sejong-ro is enough space to offer sport opportunities for all ages. There could be a playground for children, sport fields for teenagers and middle-aged groups and for elderly baduk or chess among other board games. All facilities can be installed easily in the morning and removed in the evening, in my opinion.

To make it even more attractive, each time one of the offered sports could be in the focus. For example if basketball is the main sport of the month, pro-basketball player would come to Sejong-ro and promote the sport. They could teach some techniques and even play with some citizens!
After doing a lot of sports, people are going to get hungry and thirsty. So it’s important to offer food (favorably healthy, nutritious food).

The reason why I propose this is that the city center lacks outdoor places for sport. Besides, it’s good for the health of the citizen. The third reason is that they can interact with other people in the urban space.”

As you can see, I didn’t go too much into detail, because that’s the job of the city officials if they accept such an idea. I tried to find something which could be interesting for all ages and a lot of people. The thing after idea competition is that the process after it (esp. the decision-making) isn’t transparent and you don’t even know if someone in charge of the planning sees this suggestion. Nevertheless, it was funny to think about an event without investing hours of research or a lot of time to write it.


Sejong-Ro on March 17th

On the coming Sunday, March 17th, the Sejong-ro is going to be closed for the first time in this year. There’s going to be a flea market, international culture zone and so on. On this day, the Seoul international marathon is going to happen, too. The marathon starts at Gwanghwamun and ends at Jamsil Olympic Stadium. So the traffic in Seoul will be really chaotic. Probably, it’s the best to use rather the subway then buses on Sunday.



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