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For the first time in four years the taxi fare in Seoul rises. The basic fare is going to be raised by about 25%. Previously, the basic fare was 2,400 KRW but from now, Oct. 12, a taxi ride will cost at least 3,000 KRW. The taximeter also climbs a little bit faster because previously it was 100 KRW per 144 meters but now it’s 100 KRW per 142 meters.



Overview of Taxi Fare in Seoul Metropolitan Area

  • Normal Taxi – Basic Fare:  3,000 KRW
  • Normal Taxi – Fee per 100 Meters: 70 KRW per 100 meters (or 100 won per 142 meters)
  • Black Taxis and Van Taxi – Basic Fare: 5,000 KRW
  • Fee at night: 1,000 KRW
  • Fee to call a taxi: 2,000 KRW
  • Additional costs: 20% surcharge for travels between Seoul and other cities


It may take one month until all taximeters are adjusted to the new fare system, so please don’t be surprised if the driver suddenly adds 600 KRW to the final amount! Usually, passengers travel 6 km in average which means that they have to pay 10.9% more.



Improvement of Taxi Service

Seoul’s mayor Park Won-Soon said about the changes:

“Fee hike was inevitable because compensation for drivers had to be guaranteed to enhance taxi service. The taxi industry should also reflect on themselves and enhance service for a comfortable travel.”

Actually, the hike in Seoul’s taxi fare comes in bundle with some measures that try to improve the taxi service. The most important is that taxis aren’t allowed to refuse passengers and from now on it will be fined with 200,000 KRW and up to 40 hours of “law-abiding and kindness education”. Second, extra (=illegal) charges to transport passengers will be fined with the same amount. Third, Smoking in cabs is forbidden, for passengers and drivers! It isn’t even forbidden that drivers smoke if they don’t transport passengers. That adds one more space to Seoul’s smoking-free zones! The last notable measure is that all taxis are going to be equipped with security cameras until the end of the year. I hope that these measures are going to improve the quality of taxi service. I’m sure that it will give a lot of stress to the drivers.



Related Sources and Information: The Dong-A-Ilbo | Korea Joongang Daily

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  • I remember when I first arrived in Korea in 1998. The basic fare had just gone up from 1,000 to 1,200 and all the taxis (Hyundai Stellars at that time) had laminated A4 cards tied to the seat showing the prices changes.

    Walter A. Foreman 4 years ago Reply

  • Great info as usual. Thanks!

    Hallie 4 years ago Reply

  • How will increasing the fares translate into better service?

    Allison Louise Turner 4 years ago Reply

    • Like I said, a taxi ride will be more secure through CCTV, no more extra charges at night, no drivers are refuse you to transport you, no more tobacco-smell in the taxis and a more comfortable drive through less speeding.

      Nikola 4 years ago Reply

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