News About Korail Strike

In the last weeks we received comments, emails and questions about the strike of rail workers union in Korea. Some readers seemed disappointed that we didn’t cover this story. Primarily other obligations didn’t leave any time for a detailed analysis. And second, even though the strike was about the operation of a new railway in Korea, this issue was deeply-embedded in the current political atmosphere and I don’t have enough knowledge to grasp this complex field. Still I don’t want to leave this topic out and thus, I collected the most important news articles in order that everybody, who is interested in this topic, can do research easily with this post.

Just to be clear: The contents of the following links do not represent the views of Kojects and its editors.

KORAIL privatization dispute revived

Rail workers protest privatization

Strike at Korail to protest ‘stealthy privatization’

[Graphic News] New KTX routes

Korail dismisses workers for striking

Reduction of KTX service is inevitable from next Monday

Korail strike has no cause

Outside Korea, railway workers strike would be legal

President Speaks Out Against Railroad Strike

One Korail worker’s story of twenty years of struggle

Woman fatally dragged by subway

Striking rail workers taken into custody in police raid

Rail Strike Intensifies

Rail Strike Takes Toll

KORAIL receives license to establish Suseo KTX affiliate

Ruling Party Backs, Opp. Parties Regret License for New Railway Affiliate

Railway strike set to bring transport chaos

Political Parties Come Together to End Rail Strike

Railway workers call off strike as parliamentary subcommittee is formed

[Analysis] Strike called off, but future of Korea’s railroads still in question

Tensions remain after end of strike

Most of the links have been shared by us on our Facebook-page and through Twitter. There you’ll find always the latest news about transportation and urban development in Korea.

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2 Responses to News About Korail Strike

  1. ilsantrainguy says:

    hmmm…i think u can erase this post now…because the strike has been finished…recently and the trains are running in operational…

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