Daejeon BRT Opens This Week

Daejeon will open a new BRT (bus rapid transit system) on July 20 connecting Daejeon and Osong stations. The 53km route also travels through Sejong using the existing Sejong BRT system and will reduce current travel times from Daejeon to Sejong by more than 20 minutes.

Bus 1001 which travels the route will also begin operating on the 20th, and travel times from Daejeon Station using the Daejeon BRT are:

  • 36 minutes to Sejong Terminal
  • 45 minutes to the Sejong Government Complex
  • 70 minutes to Osong Station

59 services a day will operate every 15-17 minutes on the route, and fares will be between 1700 – 2300 won depending how far you’re travelling. Bus times may change while details are still finalized during a trial period from 20 to 24 July.

On the highway between Sejong and Daejeon where there isn’t dedicated BRT infrastructure, buses are to use center lanes which will be reserved for buses only from Wednesday. Bus lanes will be operative 24 hours a day and can only be used by minimum 36 seater business-use buses, certified children’s buses and several other vehicles as appointed by the chief of police.

According to Daejeon, the BRT services will also include wifi, smartphone USB chargers, comfortable seats and reading lights.


Daejeon BRT Route

Since the city didn’t provide a map of the new BRT with their press release, below is an older map of the BRT route. Be aware that there could well be changes or parts of the route that aren’t open yet.

Daejeon BRT Map

Source: WikiNamu

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  • There is a bus only lane on the highway that enters Sejong City to the southwest near Chinatown. But your post means the new BRT will be coming in on the new highway to the southeast, over by KDI, yes?

    Richard 2 years ago Reply

    • Yup that’s right. I’ll try and update this most with a map or more info about the route soon.

      Andy Tebay 2 years ago Reply

  • Hi, can you please share the time schedule for the 1001 bus?

    Thank you!

    Arianny Ramirez 6 months ago Reply

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