Incheon Line 2 Teething Problems and Updated Map

Incheon’s Line 2 has been open for just over a week now but not everything has gone smoothly. While any new line is bound to have hiccups, the media isn’t pulling any punches after at least 9 incidents over the past 8 days. This included trains stopping due to problems with sensors and faulty signal equipment causing doors not to open, resulting in passengers using emergency switches to exit the train manually.

Unlike Incheon’s Line 1 which is a standard subway line, Line 2 is a driverless light rail system that travels both above and below ground. The new line travels from northern Incheon to the south and southwestern areas of the city. For more information on the line, check out our post from a year ago.

Incheon Transit Corporation says that it has replaced faulty equipment, is carrying out checks on screen doors every four hours, and will be carrying out a special safety audit with third-party experts from 8-11 August.

Over the past week the line has served an average of 95,000 passengers, not far off the city’s estimate of 108,000. This should have also quelled fears of overloading which was a concern prior to opening – although some might argue that passengers are avoiding the line until it’s more reliable.


Updated map:

In our previous post we included a tentative map of all the stops on the line and mentioned that the station names weren’t finalized yet. It turns out that many have changed – see the names of the stations on the map and list below.

Incheon Line 2 - Final Map

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Image: Incheon City

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