The Truth About Korea’s Invisible Skyscraper Tower Infinity


(Source: Archinect)

Since a couple of days my news feed is filled with articles with the headlines “Seoul’s Invisible Tower”, “World’s First Invisible Skyscraper in Seoul, Korea”, “Infinity Tower Will Light Up Seoul’s Sky” and so on. On the right you can see a picture of picture of the planned skyscraper. The origin of this buzz is an article at Archinect about the official permission to begin construction. A lot of friends also posted articles on Facebook, which emphasized the obscurity of this project. All articles contain wrong information which I will try to correct as best as possible. This article is going to clarify the location and context of the project.

While doing research for this issue, I wasn’t easy to find Korean articles about this building. It seems like that the official name of the building is “Cheongna City Tower”. The winner of the design competition GDS Architects named it as “Tower Infinity”. In this post I’ll just use the Tower Infinity or Infinity Tower because this is probably the least important mistake.

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A Visit to Songdo

Songdo Panorama

Songdo is the sensational urban development project of Incheon on reclaimed land at the western coast of South Korea. I follow the development and news articles about Songdo since a year or more. So I’ve went there with some certain expectations of a modern, green city, which is friendly to pedestrians. But I didn’t get the feeling like the short documentary  “Cities of Future: Songdo” by Cisco and an article by the Washington Post want to present. Read more of this post

Subway Construction Suspected in Incheon Street Collapse

Police are investigating a road which has collapsed above a subway construction site in Incheon. On the 18th of February at 3:20pm, the center of a six lane road collapsed in front of an apartment building in Wanggil-dong, a suburb in the western district of Incheon. Sadly, a 50 year old man riding a motorcycle over the piece of road at the time of collapse fell into the hole but died several hours later in hospital. Water was cut to several thousand households in Wanggil-dong and neighbouring Oryu-dong, but was restored later that night. Police are focusing on CCTV footage and have maintained a detour around the site while carrying out their investigation.

Below the road, the tunnel for Incheon’s line number 2 was being dug out and police suspect that construction somehow caused the road foundations to become weak. Construction on Incheon’s second line began in June 2009 and is expected to be completed in 2014. Wanggil-dong is located on the northern part of the subway line which will continue south and provide new rail access to the many areas of Incheon still without it. Depending on the results of the investigation into the incident, Incheon may see itself having to wait even longer for the new line. Incheon’s first inner city subway was opened in 1999.

Watch out for a more detailed post on Incheon’s Line 2 in the future.

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Sources: Yonhap News | KBS World | Daum Maps


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