Overview of Seoul’s Car-Sharing Services

Earlier this year, we wrote about Seoul Metropolitan Government‘s car-sharing service which started two months ago. Actually that wasn’t the first car-sharing service in Korea’s capital and also some more followed soon after it. So this post tries to put up an overview of all the services. Read more of this post

Seoul Operates Car-Sharing Service

The new year started with big waves in the car-sharing business as Avis bought Zipcar, which previously grew so much that it became a serious competition to traditional car rental services. Zipcar was one of the first car-sharing systems in the world and it’s very popular in the USA. Some days after this big news, I read in the Korean news that Seoul developed a car-sharing system, too. It officially started yesterday Wednesday, Feb 20th and I want to introduce some characteristics of a car-sharing system and what kind you’ll see in Seoul. Read more of this post


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