Seoul’s 100-Year Plan

seoul100planOn April 1st, Park Won-Soon introduced the measure to design a basic plan of Seoul about the development in the next 100 years, in short “Seoul 100 Plan” (or in Korean “미래 서울 100년 도시계획 기반마련”). Here, I’ll introduce the idea behind this move and show some details of the presentation.

Seoul’s mayor Park Won-Soon begun his presentation with the comment that urban planning isn’t only about managing land, it’s about many different areas like culture, education, welfare and so on. It’s important to organize the usage of space well. Read more of this post

Vision of a Pedestrian-Friendly Seoul

Since 2011, Park Won-Soon is the mayor of Seoul and as you may know, he puts the citizen into the focus of his policies. In terms of traffic, he emphasizes walking and urban spaces. Pedestrians are a very important transport method in his view. Park Won-Soon himself introduced the concept for a more pedestrian-friendly city on January 22nd. Read more of this post


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