Love-Hate Relationship with the M-Bus

Did you ever wonder which genius invented these fabulous grey-blue buses with a digital number display in the front window? Secondly, what does the “M” stand for in the name M-Bus?

korea-mbus-designThe first time I was very positively surprised because it was an innovation in Korea’s public transport system. I loved the buses for their comfort, concept and branding. Since some months I rely on them on a daily bases and I have to say that my love turned fast into dislike (and in some very weak moments I hate these buses). I will try to describe my relationship with the M-Buses in this post. Read more of this post

Funding Transport for the Future


Today I’ve visited a joint seminar by KOTI and International Transport Forum (ITF, part of OECD) about the topic funding of transport. Since 2010 these two organisations hold annual seminars. Back then, the first topic was  green growth in transportation, in 2011 it was promotion of policies and critical evaluation of electric vehicles and in 2012, the seminar was about seamless public transport. This year’s topic is also going to be the main topic of the ITF annual summit in Leipzig. So it was an outlook what is going to be discussed there and what the current issues are.

Update: The presentations of this joint seminar can be downloaded at the ITF homepage.

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