Sejong-ro as a Pedestrian Zone

On Sunday, November 18th, I went to downton Seoul because I wanted to see Sejong-ro without any traffic. The road Sejong-Ro (between Gwanghwamun-Station and the actual Gwanghwamun) was closed on one side, which was the second time for this purpose. Our last post contained this measure under point 1: The city government plans to close the road in that one direction now on every third Sunday of a month. Back in November, it was a really great experience and I took a lot of pictures. Read more of this post

Vision of a Pedestrian-Friendly Seoul

Since 2011, Park Won-Soon is the mayor of Seoul and as you may know, he puts the citizen into the focus of his policies. In terms of traffic, he emphasizes walking and urban spaces. Pedestrians are a very important transport method in his view. Park Won-Soon himself introduced the concept for a more pedestrian-friendly city on January 22nd. Read more of this post


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