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This is a comprehensive list of links to the websites of transport operators, maps and posts about how to use transport systems in South Korea. Feel free to bookmark it for future use. All sites are in English where possible. If there is a link that you think we have missed please leave a comment!


Interactive Seoul Metropolitan Subway Map

Useful Apps

SeoulBus (for Android & iOS) – Timetable for all Buses in South Korea
Jihachul (for Android & iOS) – Subway Maps, available for every city and in multiple languages
Smarter Subway (for Android & iOS) –

Rail – Websites feature relevant timetables and transfer information.

Let’s Korail – Buy train tickets (Including KTX)

KTO – How To Use the Subway System

KORAIL – Operator of Line 1, Bundang Line, Gyeongchun Line, Jungang Line
Seoul Metro – Operator of lines 1, 2, 3, 4
SMRT(Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transport Corporation) – Operator of lines 5, 6, 7, 8
Metro9 (Line 9) –  Seoul’s first private line integrated into the metropolitan network
DX Line (Shin Bundang Line) – Operator of the Shin(new) Bundang Line which opened in 2011
U Line (Uijeongbu Light Rail) – First light rail line to open in metropolitan area
Incheon Transit Coporation – Operator of Incheon Metro Line 1
A’REX Airport Rail – KORAIL Airport Railroad

Busan Transportation Corporation – Operator of Busan lines 1, 2, 3 and 4
BGL (Busan Gimhae Light Rail Transit) – Connects to Gimhae Airport. Also known as B&G Metro

DTRO (Daegu Metropolitan Transit Corporation)
DJET (Daejeon Metropolitan Express Transit Corporation)
Gwangju Metro


Seoul Topis – Seoul Transport Information and Operation Service
GBIS – Gyeonggi Bus Information Service
Websites for bus websites of other major cities: Busan, Incheon, Daegu, Daejeon, Gwangju

Airport Limousine Buses – Cheap and effective services to and from the airport. Transport cards can be used.
KOBUS – Express bus services around Korea. Please note that the Korean website is much more functional.
Inter City Bus Services – Similar but separate from express bus services.


Incheon International Airport

Links to all other international and regional airports can be found via the Korea Airport Corporation Website.


Bike Seoul – Bike Sharing in Seoul
Nubija – Changwon City’s Public Bike Sharing System – The first in Korea
U-Bike – Busan Bike Sharing


Busan Port Authority – Timetables
Jeju Terminal
Incheon Port International Passenger Terminal / Domestic

JH Ferry – High speed ferry from Jangheung to Jeju Island (2 hours 20 minutes)


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