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Andy Tebay

photoOriginally from New Zealand, Andy came to South Korea in 2007 after majoring in Korean and linguistics at Auckland University.  Once he arrived in the country, he quickly became fascinated with the scale and efficiency of Korea’s transport systems. Additionally, the sight of so many developments and projects around Seoul and the rest of Korea made him realize that there was no easy resource which kept track of all of these ongoing projects. The result was Kojects, and more about why this blog was started can be found here. While in Korea Andy worked as a reporter and editor including working at the The Korea Transport Institute (KOTI). He moved to Queenstown, New Zealand in 2013 but continues to keep an eye on the latest happenings in Korea and may move back in the near future.

Andy Tebay(앤디), 뉴질랜드 출신이고  2007년에 오클랜드 대학교에서 한국어와 언어학 전공을 마치고 한국으로 들어왔다. 한국에 오자마자 한국의 대규모 교통체계를 보고 이에 대한 흥미가  생겼다. 더불어 공사장과 다양한 프로젝트들을 지켜보면서 영어로 되어 있는 한국의 공사 프로젝트의 DB가 없는 것을 알았다. 그래서  Kojects를 만들었다. Kojects를 만든 계기와 더 자세한 정보는 이 기사를 참고하길 바란다. 앤디는 현재 뉴질랜드 퀸스트아운에 살고 있으나 한국에 언젠가 돌아갈 계획이 있다.

Nikola Medimorec

2012 nikola 6Nikola Medimorec was born in Croatia and raised in Germany. He got his undergraduate degree in geography with focus on spatial planning and development at the University of Trier in Germany. His final thesis was about the reconnection of the transport infrastructure in a reunified Korea. Currently, he pursues a master’s degree at the Seoul National University in geography with a focus on urban geography. Main interests lie in sustainable transport methods like walking, cycling and mass transit. So he intends to write about concepts for pedestrians and cyclists, existing infrastructure as well as evaluate current trends and developments for the public transport.

Nikola Medimorec (니콜라), 크로아티아 출신이고 독일에서 성장했다. 독일 트리어 대학교에서 지리학 학사를 마치고 논문은 한반도의 통일 이후 교통망에 대해서 적었다. 서울대 지리학과 도시지리학 석사 과정 중이다. 보행, 자전거, 대중교통과 같은 지속가능한 교통수단에 흥미가 있다. 그래서 Kojects에서 보행자와 자전거를 위한 개념이나 기존 인프라를 소개하고 대중교통의 현재 동향과 개발을 살펴보려고 한다.

Kojects is interested in expanding its team by partnering up with contributors with relevant content. If you’re interested, please send us an e-mail.

2 Responses to Kojects Team

  1. Jason says:

    I am a Korean national who’s lived most of his life in Australia. I stumbled across your blog as I found out that my parents who still live in Korea have decided to move to Songdo. The last time I heard about Songdo was when I read an article about the Canal Walk shops which became instantly well known as the famous Korean figure skater Yuna Kim bought multiple shops there which few years later was labelled as one of the worst property investment by a celebrity. Your blog is incredibly well researched and written and it’s a surprise two Westerners seem to keep track of urban planning and development in Korea so well. I hope local goverments take notice and get you guys involved one way or another as you two would give an excellent insight and judgement on development planning and issues. Thanks for all the info and insight.

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