Ui-dong – Sinseol Light Rail Line

Since most of my previous posts have been a bit biased towards Southern Seoul it’s time to head over the Han and look at some projects happening in the northern part of Seoul.

Since September 15, 2009 construction has been underway on an automated light-rail line that stretches from Sinseol-dong (Lines 1,2) through Samyang, Mia and finally to Uidong. This is an area which has probably felt a little neglected in terms of rail transport.

Image: Seoul City

Image: Seoul City

The line is being built by Posco E&C and Hyundai Rotem will produce the light-rail vehicles. The whole line will be controlled automatically by a computer system called AGT (Automated Guideway Transit) and there will be no person actually physically controlling the vehicles. Two linked carriages at a time will make the 22 minute journey with an estimated 1-2 minutes between carriages.

Look at this image to get an idea of what it looks like.

When most people think of light rail they think of rail above ground, however this line is entirely underground. There will be 13 stations in total and the service will be integrated into the current Seoul transport system.
Transfers can be made at the following staions: (North to South)
Sungshin Women’s Univ. Station – Line 4
Bomun Station – Line 6
Sinseol Station – Lines 1 and 2

Here is a booklet about the project from Posco.

While the original opening date was scheduled for 2012, like most projects it has been pushed back to 2014 2016.

More Information:
– Screen doors installed at all stations
– Train depot will be located underground in Ui-dong
– Length = 11.4km
– Electricity = DC750V
– Plans to extend to Banghak station (Line 1)

Preliminary list of Stations in Korean
우이동 유원지 – 문이교 사거리 – 4-19 국립묘지 – 우이초교 – 화계사입구 – 삼양시장 – 동북시장 – SK북한산시티 – 서경대 – 정릉3거리 – 성신여대입구 – 보문- 신설동

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