Migeum Station to join Shinbundang Line – Suwon Upset

Suwon City are upset with the decision by the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs to allow Migeum Station (미금역) to connect up with the recently opened Shinbundang Line (신분당선) once it is extended further south. The official decision was announced on October 28.

The Shinbundang Line will be built in several stages and will eventually reach the city of Suwon. The second stage will also reach the Suwon area at the new city of Gwangyo. Construction on the second section has not yet begun but it is expected to open in February 2016.

Shinbundang Line

Image: Neotrains

According to the linked article above, Mayor Suwon Yeom Tae-young was reportedly furious with the decision to add Migeum Station and going by the comments appearing on message boards around the internet it seems that citizens of the city felt the same. It appears that the city will take official measures to try and prevent the station from being added.

Adding a station at Migeum is logistically not much of a problem as the line passes right under Migeum and then curves off towards the city of Yongin. Nevertheless, such a decision will not be taken lightly as part of the reason the Shinbundang line was built was due to the amount of stops on the original Bundang line slowing down travel time.

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