Bundang Line to become even longer in December

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With the opening of the Bundang line’s northern extension it is easy to forget that just two months later the line will be getting even longer. The southern end of the line is also getting an extension which is expected to open on December 1.

The first part of this southern extension which will eventually connect the Bundang Line to Suwon Station was opened in December last year from Jukjeon to Giheung. The 7.7km extension opening in December will see the addition of four new stations, Sanggal in Yongin, and Cheongmyeong, Yeongtong and Mangpo in Suwon.

All stations south of Jukjeon have been built with only the capacity to hold 8 carriages, while all stations north of Ori had been built to hold 10. This would indicate that when more carriages are added to the current six, trains will only have up to eight carriages maximum.

The line is expected to provide better links between local areas and paves the way for the final section of the extension which will reach Suwon Station in December next year. Construction on the Ori – Suwon section began in December 2006.

Bundang Line

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