Tourist Trains

Aside from general passenger trains, South Korea also has many fantastic themed tourist trains which provide a unique experience. On this page you’ll find links to more information on each of these Korean tourist trains. This page is a work in progress, check back soon for more information!


More information on the A-Train


More information on the G-Train


More information on the O-Train


More information on the S-Train


More information on the V-Train

DMZ Train

More information on the DMZ Train

Sea Train

More information on the Sea Train

Wine and Cinema Train

More information on the Wine and Cinema Train

Rail Cruise Haerang

More information on the Rail Cruise Haerang


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  • Hello,
    I was about half way through my own guide about transportation in Korea when I started following your blog. Seriously, rarely do you come across such detail and attention to detail as you guys have here. I decided to just reference your general transportation page and scrap my idea.
    I do have a question though. Any idea when the grey line will be opened (not sure if it is just grey on my map)? I have only seen it in a handful of maps online and can’t seem to find any additional info. Line 4 will join with it at Sunshin Women’s University station which has been under construction for a few years now. The map in the station clearly shows the line going north/south, but no other updates. You got anything?

    Julio Moreno 2 years ago Reply

    • Hi Julio!

      Thank you very much! We appreciate such a comment a lot :)
      Yes, we wrote about that new line a couple of years ago:
      It’s an automated light-rail system. The southern start point is Sinseoldong Station (신설동역, Line 1 and Line 2 branch) and the northern end is in Ui-dong.
      The construction of that line is complete and now they are performing test runs. I don’t know if the opening date is confirmed and official but it seems that the line is going to open in December 2016.
      We’ll keep you and our readers updated!

      Nikola 2 years ago Reply

      • Awesome, thanks. I have a friend who just bought a house near this new line so that is good news.

        Julio Moreno 2 years ago Reply

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