Yongin Everline to Finally Open

Update: The line is now expected to open in April 17, 2013.

On the 16th of February, Yonhap News reported that the Yongin Everline would start making preparations to begin operating by the end of this year. Yongin City announced that talks had reached their final stages and that an agreement would be signed by at least mid-March. As mentioned in my previous post, the completed line has been lying dormant for 1 year and 8 months after a number of factors caused the business to fall into limbo. The original contract between the city and Yongin Everline was cancelled in March 2011. Once the agreement is signed, 160 new staff will need to be hired and trained to use the systems so that the line can open sometime this year. As usual, pricing for the service will need to be decided but a basic fare is expected to be approximately 1000-1,100 won which would also be integrated with the metro system for discounted transfers between the subway and buses.

Click here to view more details about the Yongin Everline.

I will update this same post with more information about the current situation at a later time.

YongIn Everline

Image: Ian Han – Transport Reviewer

Sources: Yonhap News | Kojects

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