Construction to Begin on Busan’s “Line 5” Next Month

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Construction on a new line in Busan from Sasang Station(사상) to Hadan Station (하단) will get underway next month and is expected to be completed in 2021. While the name of the line hasn’t been decided yet, it’s expected that it will become the city’s “Line 5”.

The route will be another light rail line in addition to the Busan-Gimhae Light Rail and Busan’s Line 4, but will be located entirely underground. Line 2 and the Gimhae Light Rail connect with the new line at Sasang, making it Busan’s first station with three metro transfer connections. Hadan is also a transfer station to Busan’s Line 1 subway.

Busan Line 5

The route of the new line from Sasang to Hadan. Image: MOLIT

Though the line is short in length at only 6.9km and six stations, this is only the first phase and is expected to cost an estimated 538.8 billion won. Long term plans will see it extended all the way to Gedeok Island, and construction on the second phase from Hadan to Noksan (녹산) is expected to begin next year. We’ll have more info on this route closer to the opening.

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