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Here we provide some basic information about public transport in Korea. Bus and subway are the official public transport methods. The service is very convenient and effective in the major cities. The majority of destinations within a city can be reached by public transport. As an addition, taxis are very useful for less well-accessible places.

The public transport system and the high amount of taxis makes car ownership obsolete. The vast majority of rides in Seoul is done by public transport or taxi: 37% by subway, 28% by bus and 7% by taxi.


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  • This is an awesome site!

    brent sheffield 3 years ago Reply

    • Thanks for the comment. Kimchi Bytes is a great website. I like especially all articles about cycling in Korea on your page ;)

      Nikola 3 years ago Reply

  • Guys,

    I just saw you at the RAS lecture. Terrific information! I’ve been here in Seoul for nearly 5 years, and I have never come across your site before! Why? This is the most comprehensible site I’ve seen! So much important information laid out in a really well organized way. I’m not a techy, but there has to be a way to make your site pop up when people use a search engine to find information about transportation in Korea. I googled Seoul Bus, and your site was at the bottom of the page. Nothing when I googled Seoul Subway or Korail, or using Korean train, or Seoul Train, ….and many other configurations. Fantastic site and info, but people have to find it!

    Shelley Hermes 1 year ago Reply

    • Hi Shelley. Thanks so much for the kind words and for coming see our lecture! Glad that you find the site useful. Good SEO can be a hard task when competing with other government and official websites, but we’ll keep working on getting our site higher. Our site definitely does pop up with more specific keywords which is where we get a lot of traffic, but we’re always keen to improve. Thanks again :)

      kojects 1 year ago Reply

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