Taxis are an important transport method in addition to public transport to move around in Korean cities. There are tons of cab during the day in all medium- and large-sized cities. Taxi fares are in general affordable. This page is going to give you a guide on taxis in Seoul. The situation (types of taxis and fares) can differ in other regions.


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  • Thanks for the info. I know I can call to 120 and report a driver but it would be much more efficient using an app. Especially in area’s like Itaewon during the weekends after the subway is closed. Would you know if it is possible to report drivers using an app?

    KS. Choi 3 years ago Reply

    • Hello!
      Thanks for the comment. I’m afraid there isn’t any app to report taxi drivers. You can send an email from your phone but that’s takes a lot of time.
      Seoul has an app to report inconveniences on streets (wrong-parked cars, issues with sidewalk or obstacles for pedestrians):
      But that app doesn’t allow you to report taxi drivers neither.

      Nikola 3 years ago Reply

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