Korea Trains

Korea is a hidden secret for train lovers. There is a huge variety of trains from high speed to specialised tourist routes and it’s also a fantastic way to see the Korean countryside. Click the different sections below for more information.

See our Tourist Trains page if you’re looking for a more themed adventure!


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  • I’ve discovered that does not work for me in Los Angeles. I checked with different browsers (as you might expect, it demands IE) , I contacted the local Korean government tourism office, and a local Korean travel agency that sells Korail passes. None of them could log onto the site, either, we all get the loading forever thing. So your site is a godsend, although it would be nice if I could check schedules and make reservations before I land at Incheon and want to take the KTX down to Taegu…..sigh.
    Anyway, thought you should know so you can inform people.

    Dan Strickland 2 years ago Reply

    • Hey Dan!

      Thank you for the comment. Yes, sadly the Korail website doesn’t work properly. Really sorry for that.

      Making a reservation before the trip would be good but usually there are always seats (except on big national holidays). So don’t worry about it too much. Please also look at our Incheon Airport KTX page for schedules.

      Have a nice trip!

      Nikola 2 years ago Reply

      • Well, we arrived at the airport carrying reassurances from my school that the 6:55am KTX from Incheon should have seats. We went to the ticket window quite early, as our flight arrived at 4:15 am, and were told we’d barely made it. While there are seats from Incheon, apparently the train is popular with commuters, and seats from Seoul onward get sold out daily. We bought a couple of the last few. Whew! The cars were pretty worn, too, upholstery getting old, that kind of thing. Next time the bus.

        Dan Strickland 1 year ago Reply

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