Urban Planning


If you are interested in Korea’s urban development and necessary measures to manage rapid urbanization, then I highly recommend to study at a Korean university. This list is far from complete and everyone has different definitions about urban planning. I tried to include good universities for geography, urban planning,



This isn’t a complete list of universities and majors related to urban planning in Korea. If you want to add a Korean university, please contact us. Any questions regarded studying urban studies in Korea can be discussed with other readers in the Kojects forum.


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  • hi i am from colombia and i want to know more about the differences universities in korea that offer urban planning, or urban sciences and if there are scholarships for foreign people.

    Yeinis Cantillo Peralta 2 years ago Reply

    • Hey!
      I would recommend you to read some Wikipedia articles about Korean universities. Our page provides links to departments of some universities. It may be a good idea to read their content carefully. Regarding scholarship, please contact the international offices of each university and take a look at the Korean Government Scholarship by NIIED.

      Nikola 2 years ago Reply

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