Shuttle Train Begins Operating between Gwangju and Gwangju-Songjeong Stations

gwangju station shuttle

A new shuttle train is now operating between Gwangju and Gwangju-Songjeong stations, a year and a half after the Honam high-speed rail was opened in the city.

While traveling between the two stations by car or taxi previously took 30-50 minutes, using the new shuttle services takes just 16 minutes. Shuttles are scheduled to coincide with the 51 high-speed services which pass through the station everyday.

> View the timetable from Korail (PDF)

The 161-seater Mugunghwa shuttle train will operate 3o services a day, and cost 2,600 won – with a 900 won discount for travelers transferring to or from a KTX. KTX ticket holders can also get a 50% discount on parking at Gwangju Station.

Unfortunately, neither of the discounts apply to passengers using SRT services, but a spokesperson for Gwangju Metropolitan City says that it is currently in negotiations to fix this.

The city is supporting the new shuttle with 1.2 billion won, but says that the services could be canceled if the number of average passengers per day drops below 800.

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