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A Busy Year

2015 was a big year for Kojects, with lots of transport and urban development news happening all over Korea. As always, thanks so much to all our regular readers, especially those who share our posts and comment on them. It’s always interesting to hear what others think.

Of course the biggest change this year was the move to our new website at the beginning of July which involved a completely new design. We also added a couple of features including a Project Database – where upcoming and past projects can be found, as well as a Kojects Forum – where users can can discuss transport or urban development issues.

At the end of June we said goodbye to our old design for something a bit more modern.

At the end of June we said goodbye to our old design for something a bit more modern.

Some other highlights for Kojects from 2015:

  • 60 Posts including Articles and Media Features
  • Kojects received over 121,000 pageviews in 2015
  • Added more general information on public transport in Korea
  • Added information about Urban Studies in Korea

Projects Launched in 2015:


What’s in store for 2016?

It’s great that we’ve been able to publish so much in the past year and we look forward to bringing even more news to you in 2016. Kojects is a website that we both run in our free time alongside our full time jobs, so sometimes it can be a challenge to keep up with a country like Korea which has so much going on. Nevertheless, 2016 looks to be an exciting year, with some major transport projects set to open. Here are few big things to look forward to:

So thanks again and stay tuned. As always please let us know if you’ve got any projects that you’re wondering about and feel free to start a discussion on the forum.

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