Most cities in Korea have an efficient, cheap and extensive bus system. It is one of the reasons that many people can live without a car quite comfortably. We’ll be adding more information to this section in the future. Click the sections below for more information.


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  • I’ve read articles from 2013 mentioning 10 additional OLEV buses would be rolled out for Gumi in 2015. One of the comments on your site said there is a new model under development. Can you give a 3rd quarter 2015 update on where things are and their future?

    Stephen Boyle 2 years ago Reply

    • Hello!

      I can’t find any information about an exact number of how many additional OLEV buses are going to be introduced in the future. The vehicles worked well in the first year and Gumi is now discussing how many new vehicles are possible.

      I read your latest website entry about electric vehicles. You are using my image from this article as a main image: http://kojects.com/2013/02/08/namsan-e-bus-first-commercial-electric-bus-worldwide/
      Our content is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0 and so you have to provide our website as source if you are using our content. Please add a link to the article in your website entry.



      Nikola 2 years ago Reply

  • I was in Seoul,Korea in 1985-86 and I remember seen 12 traffic lanes in the city.Do they still have that many or more?Thanks you.

    Winston Perez 10 months ago Reply

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