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The Lee Myung-bak administration (2008-2013) had low carbon, green growth as the main paradigm. One of their main measures was the “Four Major Rivers Project” (in Korean: 4대강 정비 사업). The aim was to improve the ecosystem of the four major rivers and to secure drinking water resources. The construction work begun in 2008 and it was completed in 2012.

Alongside to that project, Korea constructed bicycle paths next to the rivers. The first stage of the bike network opened on April 22, 2012. The national bicycle network is still in development. Currently, it is possible to ride along the four major rivers, do a cross-country ride from Seoul to Busan, follow the East Coast and cycling around Jeju island.




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  • I just finished the Busan to Seoul route and it was great great great! It was autumn and glorious. Here is some photos if you’re interested http://www.jambi-jambi.com/landscapes/

    Jorja Creighton 2 years ago Reply

    • Thanks for sharing the beautiful autumn scenery along Korea’s bike paths!

      Nikola 2 years ago Reply

      • Happy you enjoyed them Nikola! It was the perfect time of year to ride there. Cool in the evenings and mornings and mid 20s in the day along with great colours! We made a short video of a single day on the path, it was all shot in one day to give an impression of what just 60km or so provides. http://www.jambi-jambi.com/jambi-days-4-rivers/

        Daniel Fuller 2 years ago Reply

  • This page used to include a map with the cycling routes and all of the stamp booths marked. Does anyone know what happened to it? Any other site that still has it? It was really helpful. (I didn’t see it on the riverguide.co.kr site either.)

    Peter Morton 2 years ago Reply

  • Will it be possible to buy a certification passport from Incheon Airport or at the Ara West Sea Lock Certification Center? Cant find any info…

    Joyce Fan 1 year ago Reply

  • Hello,

    I enjoyed reading your sharing about the cycling route in Korea. May I know is it possible to cycle the route from Seoul to Busan using foldable bike such as Brompton?

    Yap El Fuon 3 months ago Reply

  • Any foreigner (or Korean really) biking in Korea should be aware that they have unlimited and essentially unconditional liability for any reckless action of a pedestrian, even on a cycling-only, limited possibly, and still only partially by video evidence. Pedestrians are given almost zero responsibility for their actions in Korea, and a collision with one, if not settled, produces a large fine and a police record similar to a criminal record. The result is that people do even intentionally instigate accidents and can profit from them, beyond actual expenses, in settlements. All cyclists should make sure to carry insurance, and may want to invest in a couple of cameras.

    Korea has wonderful cycling opportunities but a backwards legal system that replaces true personal responsibility for unreasonable actions with strict liability for reasonable ones, that criminalizes simple negligence, that presumes guilt, and that encourages and normalizes extortion to the point that most even seem to believe that it is reasonable. Korea is not a cyclist-friendly country.

    John 2 months ago Reply

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