Daejeon BRT Opens This Week

Daejeon will open a new BRT (bus rapid transit system) on July 20 connecting Daejeon and Osong stations. The 53km route also travels through Sejong using the existing Sejong BRT system and will reduce current travel times from Daejeon to Sejong by more than 20 minutes.

Bus 1001 which

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Preview of Seoul Station 7017

Preview of Seoul Station 7017

There are still eight months left until the Seoul Station 7017, Seoul’s newest and most innovative public space, is going to open in April 2017. Just recently, Seoul opened to the public a Seoul Station 7017 preview. There you can see and experience how Seoul’s skygarden

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Electric Bus with Swapping System

Jeju introduces Electric Buses with Swapping Battery

Jeju-do wants to become a carbon-free island by 2030. Wind turbines and solar panels are being built and transportation shifts from fuel to electricity as power source. Just recently, Jeju-do introduced their first electric buses for public transport. But the vehicles aren’t any standard plug-in buses,

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New Section of Gyeongjeon Line Cuts Travel Time

Travelling between Gyeongsang and Jeolla provinces became slightly faster yesterday with the opening of a newly realigned section of the Gyeongjeon Line from Jinju to Gwangyang.

The new 51.5km double-tracked route cuts travel time between Gwangyang and Jinju by half an hour from 73 minutes to 42 minutes. Trains will

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Bicycle Crossings

Design Failure of Bicycle Crossings

Seoul wants to become a cycling city. Just recently, the city introduced bicycle crossings that allow cyclists to ride across a street. However, these bicycle crossings have large design flaws and it creates inconveniences for cyclists.


Discovery of the Bicycle Crossings

At the beginning of June

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