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EcoMobility Banner

Update on Preparations of EcoMobility Festival

On Tuesday, August 20th, I was again at the festival area of the EcoMobility Festival. I wanted to see how far the EcoMobility preparations proceeded. You remember that the festival starts in September!. That’s 11 days after I took the pictures (and less than a week

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How Good is Seoul’s BRT?

What do you combine with Curitiba in Brazil? The first thing, that comes into my mind, is the bus rapid transit system of that city. Curitiba could be described as the inventor of bus rapid transit and their accomplishments set the bar for other cities around

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EcoMobility Suwon

Opening of EcoMobility Festival

Today on September 1 was the EcoMobility Festival opening in Suwon. When I arrived there at 5 pm, the festival was already in full swing. There was a large stage in front of the Haenggung Palace. It was so amazing to see the result of months

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The End of Dream Hub

The largest urban planning project of South Korea is never going to be realized. Of course, I talk about the Yongsan International Business District, better known as Dream Hub. KORAIL announced that they won’t develop the land. The bought properties are going back to their former

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Airport Railroad

New Station to be added to Airport Railroad

Update – April 2014: OBS  reports that Cheongna Station will open for service on June 21 2014. The original opening date was delayed due to work the signal system during the process of connecting the tracks to the high speed rail (KTX) line.

On August 31, KORAIL announced

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